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Larry Lockett

Larry Lockett, a 1970 graduate and former principal of Astoria High School, joined the Board of Astoria High School Scholarships, Inc. in 2012 and served as an advisor to the Board for 12 years prior.

After graduating from AHS, he earned his Bachelor Degree from Oregon College of Education, a Masters Degree from Western Oregon State College, and a Masters of Educational Leadership from Portland State University.

Larry served for 40 years in education: 20 years as a Teacher and 20 years as an Administrator, including 12 years as Principal of Astoria High School.
For Larry, Astoria High School Scholarships, Inc. means opportunity. His years in education have taught him that the most important thing you can do for a student is to give them the chance to believe in themselves. He believes AHSSI primes the pump and allows the dream to begin.