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Joe Leahy

Joe grew up in Astoria, attended Lewis & Clark Grade School, graduated from Astoria High School, earned his undergraduate degree from the University of Oregon, served in the Army in Vietnam, and then obtained his law degree from the University of Notre Dame. Joe served as Legal Counsel for the City of Springfield for forty years, and presently is Legal Counsel to the Springfield Utility Board.

Joe loves Astoria, values his friends and time at Lewis & Clark and Astoria High, and appreciates the opportunity to serve on the Foundation and provide a “boost” to students seeking and deserving of one. Joe resides in Springfield where he and his wife Judy volunteer with the Springfield Education Foundation. Joe also served as a SMART reader for a number of years.

Joe and Judy enjoy spending time with their three sons, daughters-in-law, and five grandchildren: Ellie Rose, Kateri, Benjamin, Alexa, and George. He and Judy enjoy travel, both within the state of Oregon, especially the Coast, and beyond. In the last few years they have visited Italy, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Thailand, Burma, and Colombia.