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Jennifer Waldrip

Jennifer is an AHS graduate with the class of 1988.  Jennifer loved her experience at Astoria High School and cherishes the preparation it gave her to succeed in college.  Jennifer attended and graduated from Brigham Young University in Communications and Business.

Jennifer started her career in the Staffing Industry in 1993 as an Account Manager and Technical Recruiter and worked her way up into various leadership positions.  She has hired, trained and developed hundreds of professionals, opened dozens of new teams and offices and ran multiple markets and multi million dollar revenue streams.  In 2017, Jennifer started her own consulting business where she provides strategic planning, leadership development, sales and recruiting coaching and drives performance improvement.  Jennifer is a 2nd generation AHS Scholarships, Inc. Board member and loves the opportunity to give back to the community she grew up in.  She has a passion for helping youth reach their fullest potential and believes continuing their education is a vital next step to successful growth.